Duane Ludwig Wants Superfights

Super Seminar World Series instructor Duane Ludwig believes a super fight between TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson can change the fight game and push it forward.

“As far as human evolution and just history in general, these are the two that are at the highest peak of martial arts evolution. We have to see them fight just for the pure entertainment standpoint, or just for the evolutionary standpoint. We have to see them fight. He’s not a big 135er. He has to eat and lift to be at 150 to cut to 135. If he wasn’t lifting and eating excess calories, he’d be probably mid-140’s. So, he can make 125. That’s why we’re going to make this happen. It’s TJ [to be the next fighter to hold two belts at the same time]. TJ can beat Demetrious, that’s for sure.” — Duane Ludwig speaking to the Onnit podcast.

True “Super Fights” transcend the sport exciting both enthusiasts and casual viewers. There’s no question that a Dillashaw vs Johnson clash would be a pound for pound classic and earn the title “Super Fight”.

“[TJ Dillashaw]’s a ninja. That’s why he’s the champion and that’s why he’s going to fight Demetrious [Johnson]. Demetrious, where you at buddy? C’mon, Demetrious. Let’s make this happen. Whether I’m TJ’s trainer, or friend, or instructor, or Sensei or not, right? For me, just as a martial art enthusiast, I want to see that fight happen to see who truly is the best mixed martial artist.”— Duane Ludwig speaking to the Onnit podcast.

As a world-class fighter and award-winning coach, Ludwig knows a thing or two about fighting. We can only hope that this fight happens sooner than later and the fans get to experience the highest level of mix martial arts on display.

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