New York Kickboxing – Queens NY Kickboxing- Legendary Super Seminars

New York Kickboxing – Queens NY Kickboxing- Legendary Super Seminars


An Epic New York Kickboxing and Striking Super Seminar. The legends and future legends of kickboxing and mixed martial arts are coming to New York City! This historic, 3 day striking seminar will take place at Queens College, in the Queens section of NY. Super Seminars. We will be kicking off the epic event on Friday March 23rd, 24th and 25th in 2018. We are proud of the legendary line up of instructors for our New York Kickboxing  and Striking Super Seminar! The one and only Bas “El Guapo” Rutten, Andy Souwer, Duane Ludwig, Chinzo Machida, and Current UFC Bantamweight Champion, TJ Dillashaw.

We have people flying in from all over the United States and Worldwide!

We have people flying in from London, Denmark, The Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Russia and so many more areas worldwide. This is a seminar that is not to be missed!

People from coast to coast in United States is showing up strong as well! We have seminar participants coming from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Chicago, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, and many others. California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and more.


Super Seminars! Making a Difference in Martial Artist’s growth worldwide.

Super Seminars is offering the HIGHEST quality and BEST Kickboxing and Martial Arts seminars. We are leading the way in helping martial artists learn from kickboxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts legends. Let us help you make a difference not just in your training but your life. Be apart of history with us, so we can be apart of the history you will create one day as well.

Queens College, New York

Here is the exact address to Queens College in NY  Below. Please click the link to get directions. Queens College has plenty of on site parking for our Super Seminars World Series Event. Please try to show up an hour early and get acclimated with the area and our seminar.

Address65-30 Kissena Blvd, Queens, NY 11367

UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw Added to Super Seminars NYC


UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw Added to Super Seminars NYC!

Super Seminars World Series is proud to announce the addition of the one and only, UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw.  The legendary line up that is coming to New York is going to be insane! Super Seminars legends consist of Andy Souwer, Bas Rutten, Duane Ludwig, Chinzo Machida, and now the current UFC champ TJ Dillashaw! It will kick off strong with our event host, Shane Fazen of FightTips.


The Bas Rutten Liver Shot

While not as cool as spinning head kicks or big Mike Tyson uppercuts, a focused body attack can break down your opponent leaving them tired and ready to get knocked out. Delivering a body shot can be done in different and painful ways, but none of them work better than attacking the liver. When it comes to liver shots in martial arts there is only one name that comes to mind, Bas Rutten. Blending a mixture of skill, precision, and thudding power, Bas Rutten’s liver shot is known for putting opponents on the canvas with a single violent strike.

Bas Rutten

            Bas Rutten – I Rupture Livers!

El Guapo’s brutality was on full display when battling Jason Delucia in their 1996 Pancrase fight. Throughout the first round, Rutten punished Delucia’s liver with vicious kicks and punches, sending him to the canvas multiple times, with the frequency, accuracy, and power eventually rupturing Delucia’s liver. Just read that one more time,  with the frequency, accuracy, and power eventually rupturing Delucia’s liver.

This first round knockout is just one of the many highlights of Bas Rutten’s signature move and why the “Bas Rutten Liver Shot” Is considered one of the greatest moves in MMA history.

Bas Rutten’s success at attacking the body is a combination of power and skill. His punches have been measured at over 1,200 lbs of force. But what set’s Rutten apart from other fighters is his incredible accuracy. His significant strike accuracy was 70.6%, the highest FightMetric has ever recorded. Rutten’s ability and accuracy to target the right side of the body in the area around the ninth and tenth (floating) ribs and exploit the liver delivered devastating results in the form of immediate fatigue, sharp pain, and loss of breath.

To learn more about the Bas Rutten Liver Shot directly from the Legend, click here to find out more information.