Inside The Mind of Muay Thai Champion “The Soul Assassin” Kevin Ross

Inside The Mind of Muay Thai Champion “The Soul Assassin” Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross is one of Muay Thai’s most recognisable faces. As well as being the current Bellator kickboxing featherweight champion, his achievements also include the Super light weight (140 pounds) WBC International championship Title, the Welterweight (147 pounds) WBC USA National championship Title, the FIDAM Welterweight championship of Mexico and the United States Muay Thai Federation Welterweight champion.

Kevin Ross also has a mentality like few others, even in such an alpha combat sport. Possessing an unbreakable warrior’s spirit, Kevin Ross has bounced back from some serious injuries in the last 10 years. Broken ribs, torn ACL and many other injuries have never stopped ‘The Soul Assassin’ from pursuing his career as a Thai boxer.

Wondering what drives a man like Kevin Ross to pursue his dream?


Muay Thai champion and current Bellator featherweight kickboxing champion Kevin Ross. Photo credit: Muay Thaimes

Kevin Ross Tells Muay Thai Pros What Drives Him Beyond Pain to Succeed

Discussing the requirements of a champions mindset, Kevin Ross details his attitude towards fighting:

Kevin Ross: For someone to have heart in Muay Thai it’s all about that never say die attitude. No matter how high the odds are stacked against you, no matter the outlook or how many times you’ve been down, cut or hurt, you keep pushing and give it every ounce of yourself until that final bell sounds.

To me someone that has heart never changes how they fight, regardless of whether or not they are winning or losing.

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Kevin Ross: I think this is something you have or you don’t; however, I do feel that it can be strengthened, or weakened, through experiences. I think a big part of it for me can be credited to the fact that I got such a late start in the fight game, that and the fact it’s what saved me from alcoholism, and other things that would have inevitably cut my life short.

From the beginning it was all or nothing.

I would never hold back or short change myself. I’ve always felt I had so much more to prove of myself because I was so late to the game. Giving up was never even a consideration. I’ve always been an all or nothing. Which can be good or bad depending on the situation, my alcoholism being a negative one.

Well I’d say in life in general it’s about taking every opportunity, not just in the gym or in a fight, but in your everyday life, to work on your self-control. It can be something as simple as not eating that piece of chocolate. Now you know it won’t help you but will it hurt you? Probably not.


Kevin Ross will star alongside Marcelo Garcia and Andy Souwer on June 16/17 in Denver, Colorado

I always say it’s 100% mental, because I don’t care how good your skill may be, if you don’t have it mentally than you don’t have it at all. Just like heart it’s something certain people are born with but regardless it can be strengthened or weakened through experience. Anyone can have the edge in skill but having the edge in the mental side is invaluable.

Can’t tell you how many unbelievably naturally gifted athletes I’ve seen that just couldn’t get it together mentally, more often than not actually.

It goes along the same line of people that are born with talent usually lack in a lot of other areas because they never had to work for it. It’s like being a spoiled little kid, one day it’s going to come back to haunt you whereas someone who has had to work for everything they’ve got will push through.

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