Top Three Videos of MMA Fighters Sparring a Little Too Hard

Top Three Videos of MMA Fighters Sparring a Little Too Hard

Sparring, the age-old practise of getting in rounds before the big fight night. Sparring is useful for conditioning, timing, gameplans and muscle memory, sparring is used in combat sports at all levels. Regarding professional combat sports, things can get a little hairy during sparring sessions. When fighters train most of their lives to compete professionally, they often learn to use just enough in sparring as to not obliterate their training partners.

Some, however, do have the occasional war that goes a little too far. Since the expansion of social media hit, we have reels of footage available of sparring and training sessions. offering an in-depth look for their fans, fighters often release hours of training footage before fights.

First off, let’s take a look at the clip of UFC lightweight/welterweight Donald Cerrone accidentally knocking out his training partner at the gym:

If you don’t like tinny hip hop music recorded on a cell phone, hit mute before you play this video!

One of Cerrone’s go-to combinations in MMA-left hook to the body, right hand to the head followed by a switch head kick. Cerrone used this combo to demolish Rick Story. Cerrone’s unique striking style has seen him take brutal stoppage victories over ‘The Horror,’ Matt Brown, Yancy Medeiros, John Makdessi, Jim Miller and that poor SOB in the video above.

Next up is a video of prolific striker Uriah Hall:

And finally for Conor McGregor’s hard sparring with Paulie Malignaggi

Leading up to his August 2017 boxing clash with Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor got some serious rounds in. Sparring a number of different opponents, ‘The Notorious’ was hoping to scvore what would likely be the biggest upset in sporting history. Unbeaten and relatively untouched in 49 fights, Mayweather would eventually have his way with McGregor to make it 50-0.

There was some hype before the bout, ironically mostly surrounding McGregor’s rough sparring sessions with Malignaggi:

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UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw Added to Super Seminars NYC


UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw Added to Super Seminars NYC!

Super Seminars World Series is proud to announce the addition of the one and only, UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw.  The legendary line up that is coming to New York is going to be insane! Super Seminars legends consist of Andy Souwer, Bas Rutten, Duane Ludwig, Chinzo Machida, and now the current UFC champ TJ Dillashaw! It will kick off strong with our event host, Shane Fazen of FightTips.


Duane Ludwig Wants Superfights

Super Seminar World Series instructor Duane Ludwig believes a super fight between TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson can change the fight game and push it forward.

“As far as human evolution and just history in general, these are the two that are at the highest peak of martial arts evolution. We have to see them fight just for the pure entertainment standpoint, or just for the evolutionary standpoint. We have to see them fight. He’s not a big 135er. He has to eat and lift to be at 150 to cut to 135. If he wasn’t lifting and eating excess calories, he’d be probably mid-140’s. So, he can make 125. That’s why we’re going to make this happen. It’s TJ [to be the next fighter to hold two belts at the same time]. TJ can beat Demetrious, that’s for sure.” — Duane Ludwig speaking to the Onnit podcast.

True “Super Fights” transcend the sport exciting both enthusiasts and casual viewers. There’s no question that a Dillashaw vs Johnson clash would be a pound for pound classic and earn the title “Super Fight”.

“[TJ Dillashaw]’s a ninja. That’s why he’s the champion and that’s why he’s going to fight Demetrious [Johnson]. Demetrious, where you at buddy? C’mon, Demetrious. Let’s make this happen. Whether I’m TJ’s trainer, or friend, or instructor, or Sensei or not, right? For me, just as a martial art enthusiast, I want to see that fight happen to see who truly is the best mixed martial artist.”— Duane Ludwig speaking to the Onnit podcast.

As a world-class fighter and award-winning coach, Ludwig knows a thing or two about fighting. We can only hope that this fight happens sooner than later and the fans get to experience the highest level of mix martial arts on display.



Jose Aldo Knows Leg Kicks

Leg Kicks – A Key Ingredient of a Good Striking Strategy 

Leg kicks or also known as low kicks are a very important part of a well rounded striking strategy. Leg kicks will impact your opponent’s ability to make basic movements. Additionally, if used correctly, leg kicks will also degrade your opponent’s ability to defend themselves. Which means more leg kicks, punches, elbows, and overall pain for your opponent.

How Leg Kicks Work

When you deliver leg kicks to your opponent, their ability to move and balance weight is impacted. Since properly placed leg kicks effect movement, an opponent’s ability to “sit down” on punches and strikes will also be hindered. Additionally, as kicks to legs connect, the damage adds up and an opponent’s ability to check kicks and move away from strikes is diminished. As kicks to the legs hit the thigh area, the two major areas impacted are the muscle tissue and the Sciatic nerve. The difference being that nerve attacks immediately cause the temporary loss of control for the limb and muscle tissue attacks cause swelling, cramping/knotting, and gradual deterioration of muscle function. Both hurt, just in different ways.

Leg Kicks On Display

The powerful effect of leg kicks was on full display during the Jose Aldo/Urijah Faber 2010 WEC Fight. Faber took a total of 31 kicks to the legs. Faber admitted that he was in a lot of pain, beginning in the first round when Aldo delivered some good kicks to Faber’s thigh. As the rounds progressed, Faber was limping and unable to fight his best. After the fight, Faber said he thought he was going to pass out.  Post-fight medical examinations revealed tests Faber suffered no broken bones.


After the fight, Faber admitted that Aldo’s leg kicks put him at a disadvantage early on in the fight. He was unable to recover from the lack of mobility and the pain he was feeling and Aldo took full advantage.

The Bas Rutten Liver Shot

While not as cool as spinning head kicks or big Mike Tyson uppercuts, a focused body attack can break down your opponent leaving them tired and ready to get knocked out. Delivering a body shot can be done in different and painful ways, but none of them work better than attacking the liver. When it comes to liver shots in martial arts there is only one name that comes to mind, Bas Rutten. Blending a mixture of skill, precision, and thudding power, Bas Rutten’s liver shot is known for putting opponents on the canvas with a single violent strike.

Bas Rutten

            Bas Rutten – I Rupture Livers!

El Guapo’s brutality was on full display when battling Jason Delucia in their 1996 Pancrase fight. Throughout the first round, Rutten punished Delucia’s liver with vicious kicks and punches, sending him to the canvas multiple times, with the frequency, accuracy, and power eventually rupturing Delucia’s liver. Just read that one more time,  with the frequency, accuracy, and power eventually rupturing Delucia’s liver.

This first round knockout is just one of the many highlights of Bas Rutten’s signature move and why the “Bas Rutten Liver Shot” Is considered one of the greatest moves in MMA history.

Bas Rutten’s success at attacking the body is a combination of power and skill. His punches have been measured at over 1,200 lbs of force. But what set’s Rutten apart from other fighters is his incredible accuracy. His significant strike accuracy was 70.6%, the highest FightMetric has ever recorded. Rutten’s ability and accuracy to target the right side of the body in the area around the ninth and tenth (floating) ribs and exploit the liver delivered devastating results in the form of immediate fatigue, sharp pain, and loss of breath.

To learn more about the Bas Rutten Liver Shot directly from the Legend, click here to find out more information.