Marcelo Garcia Rolling into Denver, Colorado April 28th, 2018!

Marcelo Garcia Rolling into Denver, Colorado April 28th, 2018!

Marcelo Garcia Rolling into Denver, Colorado April 28th, 2018!

Marcelo Garcia is wildly considered one of the greatest BJJ practitioners, instructors and competitors of all time. Gi or no gi, Marcelo is has adapted a style that translates extremely well into all realms of submission grappling. Marcelo has the unique ability to train with high level grapplers from BJJ, wrestling, judo and other arts and seemingly submit them effortlessly. The reason Marcelo Garcia rolling seems this way is due to his love for jiu jitsu and his willingness to always stay on the mats and train.

Marcelo’s amazing outcome and “bi-product” of his love of training BJJ.

Marcelo is a Five time BJJ Black belt World Champion and Four time ADCC Champion! These are simply the outcome of his love for training jiu jitsu and grappling. He was quoted by saying ” I was never for winning championships. My happiness always came from the pleasure I had simply being on the mats, testing myself against others.“. Well that pleasure of being on the mats has created one of the best and most influential BJJ practitioners of a generation.
Marcelo Garcia BJJ Champ
The Real Secret in becoming the Best Jiu Jitsu practitioner ever. ?  

We come across people of all walks of life in jiu jitsu. Those that train to as a hobby. Some to get in shape and learn self defense. But those who are on a more serious path seek to become the best ever. Often times we notice people that only seek short cuts and secrets, in becoming the best. The secret has always been right there for everyone to see and we will get to it in a second. We think you already know it by the way, but tons of people are scared of it.

Marcelo Garcia training

Being good is one thing. Being the best is another. But being considered the greatest ever, is a title held for a select few elite BJJ practitioners. So what is the secret to being the greatest and becoming a legend in martial arts? Heck, while we are here, becoming the greatest at anything in life. It’s the tried and true way. Unwavering passion and dedication to stay on the mats, over and over again with a positive mindset and regardless of what happens. Just enjoy the process towards the “goal”. And the simple answer to “what is the goal?” is. Be consistent and put in quality and daily work. Marcelo is a true testament of how being on the mats more than others plays out over time. Growth comes from the willingness to put in more mat time than others. A mindset could be stated as : One should never fear losing but should always fear,  losing out on learning. Tired, exhausted, don’t want to do the last match? DO THE LAST MATCH! Listen to Marcelo in the Video Below!

This is always a fantastic video of Marcelo Garcia in Action. Please enjoy!