Andy Souwer – Kickboxing – Super Seminars


Andy Souwer – Kickboxing – Super Seminars Legend

Andy-Souwer-Kickboxing-K1-Seminar-SSWS-NYC-Colorado-CaliforniaAndy Souwer is one of the Best Dutch Kickboxing Champions. An outstanding, battle tested record 160 Wins (98 ko’s) 20 loses, and 1 Draw. Andy has fought the best kickboxers and muay thai strikers in the world. He has fought Buakaw Banchamek (formerly Buakaw Β Por Pramuk, Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, Petrosyan and Masato,Β Β Yodsanklai Fairtex and Albert Kraus, Gago Drago, Chahbari, Kyshenko, Askerov, Sato, Holzken, Mootje Khamal to name just a few amazing kickboxing and muay thai champions. Andy looks to share his vast experience with students now. He is dedicated to helping them rise to the heights they desire for themselves.

Kickboxing and Shoot Boxing Titles that Andy Souwer has won.

Here are a list of some of Andy’s kickboxing and shootboxing career accomplishments. Please enjoy the video!

    • 2014 W.F.C.A. World K-1 Junior Middleweight Champion
    • 2012 It’s Showtime World Champion
    • 2010 W.F.C.A. World Thaiboxing Super Welterweight Champion
    • K-1 World Max 2007 Champion
    • K-1 World Max 2005 Champion
    • A.R.D.D.D. World Super welterweight Champion
    • F.I.M.C. World Super welterweight Champion
    • W.P.K.A. World Super welterweight Champion
    • I.S.K.A. World Super welterweight Champion
    • W.K.A. World Super welterweight Champion
    • W.M.T.A. World Super welterweight Champion
    • It’s Showtime World Champion
    • 2012 S-Cup World Champion
    • 2008 S-Cup World Champion
    • 2004 S-cup World Champion
    • 2002 S-Cup World Champion
    • W.S.B.A. World Super Welterweight Champion