Super Seminars World Series is a training event unlike any other! We offer attendees the opportunity to learn the world’s best striking and grappling techniques from legends of the martial arts community.

New York City (Recent Event)

New York City is known as "The city that never sleeps". Super Seminars World Series is the MOST Legendary Kickboxing and Martial Arts Seminar every to hit NYC! Detailed and action packed with more experience you can imagine. Our seminars will keep you wanting more. We are happy to announce that the "The Big Apple" New York is the perfect destination to kick off our unmatched world tour. Let's ring in the Frank Sinatra tunes and sing it together " New York. NEW YORK!"

MARCH 23, 24 & 25‍‍‍‍‍‍, 2018


SSWS is coming to DENVER! Most people love Colorado for the fresh air, healthy living and the amazing fitness community. But Super Seminars World Series knows the true Colorado. Colorado LOVES mixed martial arts and kickboxing! Super Seminars World Series, is beyond excited to be apart of Colorado kickboxing and mixed martial arts history! Our seminar legends eat, sleeps and embody kickboxing, striking and mixed martial arts. We look forward to providing the BEST kickboxing and MMA striking seminar ever. We can't wait to share our seminar with the terrific Colorado community and the surrounding areas.

AUG 11th, 2018 Denver, CO



They say the West Coast is the best Coast. There's nothing like California LOVE!‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍